CV-4  Stainless steel Punch Band

The Punch Band is an all-round band with any size of the diameter from 20mm or more and is also able to be used as the open type band. The punch band can be easily fastened by the common tool by pulling band out through buckle and turning band back and punching. As the Punch Band is adjustable for any size of the diameter, you don't have to have stocks of the band for each diameter and the number of stocks of the band can be reduced. The Punch Band is used in various areas including car repairing

Width : 7mm
Material : 304 or 430 stainless steel
Length is depending client's request.

Preformed or straight form depend on your request.

  Unit: mm
CV - 4
PART NO# Length
CV-4-300 300mm
CV-4-350 350mm
CV-4-670 670mm
CV-4-800 800mm