Stainless steel Free End Clamp / Stainless steel CV Boot Clamp

Strength of the seal created between the boot (hose) and transmission shaft.
Strong, durable method of  fastening and bunding l

Width : 4, 5, 6.3mm
Material : AISI 304 stainless steel
Width :  6.3mm
Material : 430 stainless steel  
Length is depending client's request.

Preformed or straight form depend on your request.

  Unit: mm
CV - 2
PART NO# Length
CV-280 11"(280)
CV-360 14"(360)
CV-480 19"(480)
CV-560 22"(560)
PART NO# Length
CV-600 23.6"(600)
CV-650 25"(650)
CV-680 27"(680)
CV-740 29"(740)



CH-81433 CH-290

Band Tool for the clamp of CV Joints & CV boots or hose, wrap free-end clamp roll band and clip around boot. Thread the band through the clip, into the nose of the tool and through the winding mandrel slot.
To complete clamping, fold down the remaining tail of the band into the clip and secure it by tapping down the ears of the clip.
Note for added strength, double-wrapped band is recomended. It applies tension and has a built-in cutter.