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Cheng Heng have devoted production stainless steel hose clamps, stainless steel cable ties over 20 years’ experiences. Including: hose clamp, cable tie, metal tie, worm drive hose clamp, ear clamp, Heavy duty clamp, C.V.boot hose clamp, T-Bolt clamp, 304SS hose clip, stainless steel hose clip. stainless steel cable ties; SS cable ties with Nylon coated, pipe clip, stainless steel strapping, banding with buckle, Spring Band, Constant Tension Hose clamp, quick release hose clamp, stainless steel band,band clamp, muffler clamp, Multi-lock cable tie, Ladder SS cable ties, reusable SS cable ties.

Established in 1980 from making machinery with RD molds by ourselves’ ability ; Seriously QC to get certified to theInternational Quality Standard ISO 9001 & UL Listed. Clients depend on oursuperior quality; all our hose clamp & hose clip, cable tie have good quality to serve clients. Our business goal is committed to continuous improvement of Quality, Product and Service. Offer best quality products & service to full client’s requirement and satisfaction.

CH will be your right choice for Stainless steel Cable tie manufacturer, Stainless steel Hose Clamp, hose clip manufacturer.

The main features and competitive advantages include price, prompt delivery, remarkable OEM ability,
excellent and high quality control. CH committed to offering fine quality product to each customer.  



ADD : 366, Sec. 2, Chen Nan Rd., Sha Lu, Taichung 433, Taiwan